Oustanding Live Music

You have an event.

You need music. Live music.

Really, really good live music...

Welcome to Hi-Phi Entertainment...

Hi-Phi Entertainment is a boutique entertainment company specializing in outstanding live music for the astute corporate or individual client.  By focusing on quality--not quantity--on only unique and outstanding groups, Hi-Phi Entertainment is able to provide a highly-superior musical experience.

We believe that live music is a luxury and music should always compliment the client.  Our individualized service presents our discerning clientele with top-notch musicians and groups from which to choose.  Hi-Phi pairs clients with talent that best suits their needs.

Transform your event with our unique groups.  Whether you desire 80's Arena Rock or a 12-piece, award-winning show band, our passion for music is at your service.


The Bands

Pop & Soul / Jazz
Club-Style Techno, House & Tra
Michael Jackson Tribute
Funk / Soul / RnB
Funk / Soul / RnB
Classical & Modern Strings
80's Arena Rock
Rock & Soul